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Date Added:06 September, 2012

Author: Trellian Limited

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World Time is a simple to use but intelligent graphical utility that displays in real time, not only the time in cities around the world, but it also features viewable time zones, which displays night and day around the world. World Time features cloud maps, which allow you to view animated cloud formations from around the world using satellite imaging technology. World Time also shows recent earthquake locations and much more. See the benefits and features below. World Time's advanced options allow you to toggle the shadow map, clouds and date and time settings. World Time also includes weather forecast information for any city and hotel information with booking facility. The World Time is the perfect travel utility and laptop companion on business or holiday trips. Trellian World Time makes use of actual satellite images. You can see the luminance created by the cities of the world. Trellian World Time is a novel utility and it fast becoming one of Trellian's most popular programs! Main features: - Have you ever been left foraging the Internet for world time converters, because a friend or online acquaintance from another country has set up a meeting date in their time? Trellian World Time will tell you what time it is in their part of the world in an instant. - Preset and save the time for any city, and you can easily and effortlessly keep track of multiple locations around the world. - Toggle the cloud options by setting the animation speed, opacity, and download cloud frames. - Check accommodation offerings in any city and make a hotel booking. - Earthquake Data is updated every 24 hours. - Check the weather forecast in any city. - Latitude and Longitude grid. - View detailed properties of a city (sunset, sunrise, latitude, longitude, local time, area codes). - Purchase books relating to a certain region directly from with in World Time. - Scrollable map. - Zoom in and out. - Identify locations. - Set the map as your desktop wallpaper. - Adjust sun map update frequency. - Highlight cities. - Enable/disable shadow map. - Display satellite cloud maps. - Show recent earthquake locations. - Display a list of hotels in a city. - Show the weather forecast. - Display a timezone overlay. - Animate the cloud maps. - Location wizard - Great if you're poor with geography!

Systems: Windows

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